What is Adult Basic Education (ABE)?

Adult Basic Education (ABE) is a provincial High School Completion program for adult learners in Newfoundland and Labrador.

How long does it take to complete ABE?

It depends on the number of credits you need to graduate. There are three different levels of ABE:

·         Level I is considered equivalent to grades K-6;

·         Level II is considered equivalent to grades 7-9;

·         Level III is considered equivalent to grades 10-12

·         Students need a minimum of 36 credits to graduate.

Students needing six or fewer credits for graduation may be eligible to transfer ABE Level III credits back to high school and receive a Newfoundland and Labrador High School Diploma.

I am a High School Graduate but want to upgrade my marks for post-secondary. Can I do this in ABE?

Yes! Some students come in to upgrade certain subject areas to meet certain post-secondary admission requirements.

Is ABE for me?

To determine whether ABE is an appropriate program to meet your needs and whether you may be eligible for funding support, please contact your nearest Advanced Education, Skills and Labour Employment Centre.

Financial Support and Funding

The Department of Advanced Education and Skills (AES) provides a variety of services and supports to assist individuals with reaching their employment goals. The staff is available to help individuals to assess employment needs, access services and supports and to develop employment plans to reach employment goals. To assist us in determining the most appropriate supports to meet your needs, the department has developed a simple “Request for Service” form.

Individuals on income support or Employment Insurance wishing to attend ABE may be eligible to receive placement support allowance which may include a start-up allowance, monthly stipend, transportation and subsidized child care.

Please note you are required to have completed a Request for Service form (6) weeks prior to the start date of training.


You can complete this by calling 1-800-563-6600 or email AESL@gov.nl.ca to set up a time that is convenient for you, or drop by the local AES office located at 42 Hardy Avenue, Grand Falls-Windsor (the Request for Service form can also be completed at our office).

If you have any questions regarding the funding application, simply contact us at Corona College at (709) 489-7825, or email us at admin@coronacollege.com and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

“I enrolled in the Adult Basic Education course at Corona College, as a senior citizen, after deciding to follow my dream to finish my high school education and obtain my credits.

 As a mother and grandmother, I had instilled in my children the importance of education.

Corona College, faculty and staff, were instrumental in my success, not only supplying the atmosphere to feel confident in myself, but a welcoming feeling of belonging and caring, as you always could depend on those people to put your needs first.

 After completing my ABE I enrolled in the PCA course and upon graduation, I was immediately hired at a local retirement home. I am presently working with Central Health in the Alternative Family Care Program, from my own home. I have since hired one full time and two part time employees.

 I have made so many new friends, travelled a lot and met many new people. None of this would have been possible if I had not returned to school.”

Rose Robinson - Norris Arm, NL


DID YOU KNOW that if you have six (6) or less credits left to complete in high school you can complete the required course in the Adult Basic Education program? They can be transferred back to the high school certification system and you would be issued an official High School Diploma ... Call Corona College today at (709) 489-7825 or email us at admin@coronacollege.com for more information.


Watch the video below to listen Linda's story - share the Barton video with your friend, colleague, employee or family member who dreams of reading and/or obtaining their high school diploma.

Adult Basic Education

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